Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Interview Anxiety

Well, I have an interview on Monday morning at 10 am. While this isn't a glamorous job, it is a job nonetheless (and these days we all know how hard they are to come by). I am rather excited about this prospective new job for a few reasons:

  • It is guaranteed the shift I want (swing shift like my honey). 
  • Guaranteed, every other weekend off. This is great because we only get to see little man on the weekends. Also, this is when my honey has his days off from work. That never changes (almost LoL).
  • I get to see my honey more often during the day this way than I do now. Right now it feels like we hardly see each other at all--though a few friends/coworkers have pointed out to me that my honey and I spend more time together than most.
  • It gets me out of my overly-stressful current job situation and into a slightly more relaxed environment. Couldn't we all use that every now and again??

 This isn't my first interview at all. However, I am always rather nervous about having to sit in front of a complete stranger and talk about myself to them. More times than not, I am so confused on what it is that they are asking me exactly. And I am always afraid of saying something incredibly silly like Jen did over at PIWTPITT (No offense Jen!! I love your blog and this post was hilariously good!!)

While I don't recall ever being asked what animal I would most be like and why, the one question that always trips me up is, "What is one example of how you have handled a tough situation/customer/coworker in the past and how effective was this?"

I'm sorry. Am I suppose to pick ONE of THOUSANDS of examples of dealing with the idiots that walk this planet on a day to day basis?? This is always a tricky question for me because I tend to mouth off sometimes without really thinking about what I am saying. I always want to answer with something along the lines of, "I let them continue to breathe oxygen. They were satisfied customers and returned." Seriously. I have such a low tolerance for ignorance and it surrounds me daily in many, many forms. I pat myself on the back at night for not ripping people's heads off all day.

I know that is not an appropriate response, however, so I almost always come up with one mostly crappy example. If I can't think of an example quick enough without looking like I'm grasping for anything, I usually just say something about doing the best I can to rectify the problem and take the matter up with my manager if I cannot. I am never satisfied with my own answer to the question and yet I can't bring myself to lie a little and jazz it up a bit.

The other question that bugs me the most is, "Why do you want to work for us?" Hmm....I need a job to pay my bills and feed myself? This, apparently, is not the right answer to this question. So, if being honest is not the right answer to the question at hand, then what is? I think this picture says it all:

I think that about sums it up......

For the next week, my stomach will probably be in knots with anxiety over this interview. The funny thing is that I usually rock my interviews and get the job. I usually stress myself out for nothing. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this new job. New opportunities await me :)


  1. Good luck with your upcoming interview!!

    Got an award for you on my blog. Come drop by and pick it up sometime.


  2. Wow!! Thank you so very much!! I actually did great on the interview and started the job yesterday (I talk about it in The Personals at the link below if you are interested)!

    I am so very excited to receive this! I'm headed right on over to check it out and pick it up :)


  3. Glad to see you got it :) What was the job?

  4. Thanks Michael!! It is a cashier/gas attendant job. A little slower paced than I am used to (okay, maybe a lot slower LoL) but I couldn't do the food industry anymore :D Less stress for the same pay....I'm okay with that!!

    1. Yeah I'd be pretty happy with that.


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