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In honor of Suicide Prevention Awareness Week this year (September 9-15, 2012), I decided to compose one post, everyday, full of information and personal experiences. Once I was about half-way finished with this personal project of mine, I decided that I needed a place on my page where the resources listed could be easily accessible, instead of having to dig through the archives to find it.

This where I decided to put that information. Easy to find and hopefully easy to navigate through to find what you are looking for.

During the series for awareness week, I hosted a couple of fabulous guest bloggers, Diary of a Madwoman and Just the Messenger

Just the Messenger writes about things that matter: " personal experiences, film & TV, the media, politics, relationships, psychology, liberty, life..." and does so in such a wonderfully written way :) She is a passionate person with a knack for writing and I encourage you to check out her writings.
It just so happens that Pauline Vetuna, from Just the Messenger., has a similar page for Australia that is still currently under construction, but quickly on it's way!! 
                     You can find her Mental Wellness page here.
Diary of a Madwoman is a blog about life after losing someone to suicide. In particular, it is about her life as a (now) single mother of 3 and a widower and how she has dealt with her grief since she lost her husband to suicide. There are no words for how wonderfully she is doing and how terrific her blog is :) Check it out. Read it from beginning to end. Perhaps even before you look at the rest of this resource page...

The resources I have listed here are for ANYONE who needs to use them. ANYONE and EVERYONE.

***Updates will be made to this page as needed. If a link is not working properly or a number listed is no longer in service, leave me a comment and I will attempt to fix the issue. As I find additional resources, I will post them on here as well.***

If you are someone who is currently experiencing suicidal thoughts/behaviors (for any reason), utilize these resources. If you happen to know someone who you think is experiencing these kinds of thoughts/behaviors, check out some of the resources. If you are experiencing the loss of someone to suicide and need someone to talk to or some advice, any of these can help you too.

You are not alone, there is someone who can help:
 Additional resources for Suicide Survivors:
If you missed the awareness week posts you can take a moment to read them here:


  1. Incredibly informative and an excellent resource & initiative, as expected - thankyou. Really wonderful to discover 'Diary of a Mad Woman' through your blog too :-)
    My resource page is on its way... am absolutely going to be linking back to this page, for the North American audience.

  2. Thank you so much Pauline :) I am very glad that you had to pleasure of discovering "Diary of a Madwoman" while here! She is an amazing woman with a lot of strength :) I can't wait for your page to be up and running! It will be wonderfully informative, I'm sure, as all the rest of your work is!


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