Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Proudly Support Oreo Because They Proudly Support Equality

Right before I went to bed last night I came across this picture in my Facebook feed. It brought a very big smile to my face since I am an avid gay rights supporter. I "liked" it and went on my way with my last minute, late-night Facebook fix.

I thought nothing of this picture again until just a few minutes ago when I came across an article a friend had shared. I clicked this link and was appalled by what I read there!

Seriously people??!! You are going to boycott all Oreo and/or Kraft products because of this----> picture?? How about General Mills or Starbucks. I bet you didn't realize you would have to also boycott Microsoft, Apple, and Google. Oh, and not to mention that most car companies are also in on this, such as Chevy, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and even Toyota, you would also have to boycott them. One more thing, that also would mean that you could no longer support your beloved Facebook!!

I understand that everyone is entitled their own opinions but really, I don't understand how you think that boycotting these companies is going to do anything except make you look like a giant asshole. Regardless of whether or not you buy their products, they will continue to thrive. For every single hateful comment I saw, there were at least twice as many supporters. I'd like to showcase some of those wonderful comments now:

I could really rant on and on about how ignorant I believe all the haters to be. How ignorant I believe it is to hide behind the bible to justify the hate that I saw on this picture thread. The mass support I saw, however, keeps me from really ranting.

It is ridiculous that people think going this route will change the outcome. Oreo is still going to support gay rights even if you boycott their products. Why? Because, if they pulled the ad and went back on that support it would blow up in their face. That would be what really kills their company. So, be ignorant. Keep boycotting. Just means more delicious cookies (as well as other things too!!) for all of us who actually care about equality--and just plain good food!!

**All photos were taken from Facebook here**


  1. Love it! I'm determined to be outspoken about gay rights (and my kids hear it all the time) because guess what? I've always thought that all those white people who lived back in the time of Jim Crow laws but never objected to them should be ashamed of themselves. I'm a straight girl who believes I have an obligation to speak up when anyone's rights are trampled upon. I recently posted about how I strongly believe that gay rights are mom issues. http://jennstwosteps.blogspot.com/2012/04/never-hide.html

    1. Thank you! I've been fairly outspoken about gay rights since my sophomore year in high school and definitely look forward to reading your post!

      I agree with you. People who stand back and watch others be subjugated to any kind of prejudice/discrimination should all be ashamed of themselves. I am happy knowing that even if my part is small, I will not be ashamed. I will have helped in some way :)

    2. And your children are very lucky to have such a wonderful mom who is willing to show them how to properly treat people--equally and as humans :)


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