Saturday, July 14, 2012

Two Awards in Two Days :D

I was thrilled (and super surprised!!) to find out yesterday that I had received an award from Cheryl over at Crap That Bugs Me!, I couldn't believe it!! My very first award!! And from a blogger I LOVE to read!! Part of my daily, morning routine :) I'm kind of an addict LoL

Thanks again, so very much, Cheryl!! I do appreciate it!! :)
This blog is awarded to up-and-coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. I only have 4, so I suppose this made me a terrific candidate!! I am glad that she happens to like my writing enough to bestow such an honor unto my little piece of sanity :D

So, you can imagine my surprise when I logged on today to see that I had received ANOTHER award!!! :D I did my very own happy dance!! (Too bad the honey wasn't here to see it!! LoL He loves it when I do it!!) This second honor was bestowed upon me by Becky over at Just Passing Through. This is another one of my favorite blogs to read!! Every. Single. Morning. I can't get enough :) So I was more than flattered to have received yet another award from a favorite fellow blogger!!

I appreciate this little beauty from Becky more than I can explain :) Thanks again!!

Aren't they beautiful?? I think they look just lovely here on my blog :) I set them up their own page *Hint, Hint ;)* I was thrilled to follow the rules that come with each award (even though some of the rules are still works in progress for me) and you can see all the details over on the page--see, now you have to check it out!! This is where you can see whom I've passed these beauties along to, and I suggest you check out these awesome fellow bloggers!!    **These lists will be updated as soon as possible. I have 3 left to award for the Liebster award and 2 left to award for the Sunshine award. I will let you know when those lists are updated/complete**

I'm going to take my excited self off to bed now. It's going to be a long morning tomorrow....I feel a rant is probably in the works....Thanks for reading!


I enjoy reading feedback!! Even if I don't respond, I do read and rather enjoy the comments!! Thanks again for reading and have a bitchin' day!!

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