Saturday, September 1, 2012

You've Got to Be Kidding Me, Right?

Tonight when I got home from work I came across this statement in my FB newsfeed:
 "So 20 yrs after the fact a woman is suing Disney and Touchstone bc she says the Sister Act movies are based on her life and they were not authorized to tell her story." (Thanks Cierra for enlightening me!!)
Wait, what??!! I had to check this out!!

Sure as shit, it is true!!

A Harlem nun named Delois Blakely is ACTUALLY suing Walt Disney and Sony Pictures for $1 billion dollars. Her allegations are that the movie (and sequel...and stage musical adaptation) "Sister Act" is based off HER real-life experiences. She is doing this (over) TWENTY YEARS after the fact....Yes, you did just read that correctly.

Blakely says that in 1987 she published an autobiography named, The Harlem Street Nun, and that later that year Cynthia Bowles, Tri Star Pictures producer, expressed her interest in movie rights. According to her claim, some time later producer Scott Rudin left Tri Star (which is now Sony Pictures in case you were wondering), taking with him the "Sister Act" project, for Disney, who subsequently made the film---and tons of cash.

The reason she is suing? 

According to the suit, "the defendants used the plaintiff's actual life experiences without her permission or authorization, thereby irreparably damaging her by depriving her of the windfall of financial gain reaped by defendants." Sister Act brought in $231 million worldwide and the sequel earned $57 million.

She has decided to represent herself in this case. She is claiming a breach of contract, breach of confidentiality, misappropriation of her own likeness, unjust enrichment and other such asinine claims. You can view the whole things right below, I have included it for your personal viewing.


WHAT. THE. HELL. I really can't believe the actions of some people.......I am slightly flabbergasted at the moment. And a bit disgusted, because yet again I am reminded just how money hungry people really are now.


  1. So what you're saying is that somewhere out there, there is a woman who after running away from her mob boyfriend after witnessing a murder, was placed in a nunnery, forced to join the choir, which then became a big success with the neighbourhood, only for the mob boyfriend to once again track her down and kidnap her, whilst some nuns rescue her from certain death? And that this woman is now suing 20 years after the fact? Meh...seems plausible...

  2. Exactly. I guess it is plausible.....Maybe even possible....but, come on!! If she were suspicious from the get go, she should've acted then, and not have waited. Hell, even when she "first suspected" it back in the early 2000's she should've acted on it instead of ignoring it....


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