Tuesday, May 14, 2013

And......I'm Back With: An Installment of "What The Hell"

I have been on sort of a hiatus for awhile now but I cannot be away any longer. Late last night (early this morning?? LoL) I wrote this update over in The Personals, about how busy--and exciting!!--my life has been since the new year has begun. Today, while perusing the news sites, I stumbled upon a list of articles that made me stop and say, "What the hell is wrong with people??!!" Interestingly enough, they are all from the eastern side of the United States......Not sure if that is strictly coincidence or if more weirdos live there than here on the western side....

This is why I have come back to you. I just need to share with all of you the things that make me go, "What the hell??!!" and here they are:

5. Whatever happened to just picking them back off???

A sandwich shop employee was punched in the face for "putting too many pickles" on a customer's sandwich.....Let that sink in for just a minute. Yes, this really happened.

I can sympathize....I hate pickles too.
On Saturday, Tina Drouin stopped to get a steak and cheese sandwich from Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs at the Quincy train station in Massachusetts. While there, the forty-nine year old woman apparently became quite aggitated when the sandwich maker began putting "too many pickles" on her sandwich. Drouin is said to have screamed at the worker about the ratio of things on the sandwich, cursing and using derrogatory comments, until she finally demanded a refund.

Upon being told she wasn't going to be given a refund, she promptly punched the sandwich maker in the face, pushed "two large very heavy jars filled with pickles and pickle juice" towards the employee (knocking her to the ground, as well as, shattering all over the floor), and then proceeded to attempt to flee.

WHAT. THE. HELL...Seriously??

I want to know what was going on in this woman's head when she decided that punching the person making her sandwich was the best solution to the fact that she felt there were too many pickles on it AND the fact she wouldn't be getting the refund she was demanding for this supposed violation. She couldn't have possibly thought that was going to get her what she wanted. If she did, she wouldn't have ran away...

The sandwich maker, determined for some justice it would seem, ran after the woman who had assaulted her. Once she caught up to her attacker she managed to subdue her and "held her until police arrived." I'd say that was probably the most eventful day that employee has ever had!!

4. This puts a whole new meaning to the term "bible thumper"...

In Kings Mountain, North Carolina a woman is being held on $105,000 bond after being charged with two counts of assault and one count of burglary. The weapon she is accused of weilding in the attack (on at least one of the two victims)? A bible.
Bible thumpin' taken to a whole new level....

Yep. Evelyn Mills Moore, 57 years old, assaulted a woman with her fists and a bible causing bruising to the victim's head, face and arms.

WHAT. THE. HELL?? Who does things like this? I am a little curious to know what the cause of this fight was to begin with....Seriously though. What prompts a person to start beating someone with a bible? Was it something she was already holding or perhaps the closest thing at hand, making it a weapon of opportunity? Was this a random argument or was it a religious debate turned violent? I, sadly, have no idea but, as someone who is not religious, this whole thing cracks me up! Isn't the irony just hilarious??!!

Wait!! She didn't just stop with attacking this woman with a bible. Mills Moore is also accused of "inflicting serious injury after striking a man with her fist causing numerous abrasions on his head, face and arms and a knot near his right eye," according to arrest warrants. No word on if this man was also struck with said bible...

3. On the flip side of that story, we have this:

A 23 year old Georgia woman was arrested for STEALING a bible from Barnes & Noble. She was charged with a misdemeanor and let go after posting the $1000 bond.
Who steals bibles from bookstores??!! Any church will give you one for FREE, all you have to do is ask. This pastor even confirmed this for the rest of the world when he stated:
"We believe that God’s word should be given freely, and so if someone comes in to our campus and they don’t have God’s word, then we are very happy to give them a copy of God’s word." ~~Mark Scardino, Roswell Street Baptist Church Pastor
Doesn't the bible preach that stealing is a sin? I'm sure I read that somewhere in there (a very long time ago). If Ashley Fleming wasn't aware of this beforehand, she certainly is now. And I can bet that she is feeling pretty dumb right about now...

2. Where are the chicken wings??!!

Last month in Memphis, Tennessee two men were arrested for brandishing an AK-47 style gun at the drive-thru window of a chicken restaurant because the establishment reportedly didn't give them their entire order.
Don't you forget my wings!!

According to authorities, Antonius Hart Sr. and his son, Antonius Hart Jr. went to Pirtle's Chicken and placed an order to go. The pair then proceeded to drive off before realizing that they hadn't gotten the chicken wings they ordered. The duo then drove back to the establishment and brandished a weapon on the cashier who messed up their order.

Hold up!! WHAT. THE. HELL!!

Who brandishes an automatic weapon--bought specifically for this occasion, no less--just because the restaurant forgot part of your order?? This is another case where I'd love to know the thought process behind these actions...especially since the establishment was more than willing to accomodate the customer by providing the forgotten food, since they realized their own mistake. This, however, was just not good enough for the father/son duo and once their demands for more food--as compensation for having to drive back to the restaurant--were 'shot down' (pun intended LoL) they brandished their weapon...Which prompted employees to call the cops instead of complying with demands.

Police responded to the call for help and arrested both men on the scene. The weapon and 24 live rounds of ammunition were also confiscated from their vehicle.

~~~***Violence and threats of violence WILL NOT win you friends or get you what you want out of life without there being serious consequences...Let's think about this people***~~~

1. Prostitution Ring Bust......at a Senior Citizen Home???!!!

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON THESE DAYS??!! This is no joke--though it is a hilarious thing to laugh at I suppose.

Prompted by complaints from residents, an undercover investigation and police surveillance discovered a drug and prostitution ring at a senior citizen housing complex in New Jersey.

Two residents--James Parham, 75, and Cheryl Chaney, 66--have been arrested for allegedly, "running a prostitution ring out of their apartments, using cocaine, and ultimately causing drunks and drug addicts to bother others living in the building, pass out in the halls, and leave used condoms in the rec room." A third, unnamed 54 year old suspect has also been arrested on drug charges.
Parham freely admits that he brandished crack-addicted prositutes to the younger residents of the complex though it is unclear what role Chaney played in this scheme. It is also unclear how long these things had been going on in this complex but police stated that, "many [residents] were scared to leave their apartments."

Of course they were!! I am in my mid-twenties and even I would be afraid to leave my apartment if this were a regular thing in the hallways and apartments surrounding mine.

I am not truly surprised by any of these accounts, however. I have, very sadly, come across even crazier things than these. Today, though, these are the ones that really caught my attention and so I had to share. These things really do make me sit back and wonder aloud what the hell is wrong with people....And then I rememeber....People are dumb.
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